A Champion is Forever
A Champion is Forever

Our Mission



As set forth in the Articles of Incorporation of this organization, the purpose or purposes for which the said corporation was formed are:

  1. To select people who have distinguished themselves in one or more sports in the Wayne county high schools, any college or university, or other areas of amateur or professional athletics or who have made meritorious efforts on behalf of athletic programs in Wayne County, Ohio.
  2. To provide proper facilities for said Hall of Fame recognition and to perform any and all functions for said Hall of Fame.
  3. To supervise and conduct all Hall of Fame activities and selections.

In order for the Board of Trustees to fulfill the conditions of item 1 above, it needs to be aware of those select people who are at least 25 years of age, the Board depends on nominations made by family, friends and fans. Please use a nomination form and make sure to submit deserving candidates for future consideration of induction into the Wayne County Sports Hall of Fame to the following address:

Wayne County Sports Hall of Fame
PO Box 1193
Wooster, OH 44691